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Wholesale Customer Login & Products
Last Updated: 06/10/2016

Hello! This area is dedicated to WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS.

Pawbreakers! The Revolution of Catnip!
Thank you for your interest in our unique toys & treats.!
Pawbreakers is our #1 selling cat toy for the majority of our customers!

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Wholesale Account Approval

Hello, and welcome to our Wholesale discount login instruction page.
If this is your first time here, please fill out the Business to Business Form, and bookmark this page, as this will help you to access your wholesale product pricing.
Business to Business Form:

Please Note:
If it will not let you create an account, it may be because we have already created one for you!
Often, we have set up an account for you, but it generally takes us one to two business days to verify your account and enable you to see Wholesale pricing.

Forgot your account login and password, (CLICK HERE)!

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Please login here using your company's email and password:

Access your account here:

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Once logged in, you will be able to access your Wholesale account and volume discounted products and pricing.
Additional volume discounts will be calculated on both a per order and yearly basis. Applied automatically by us as they are reached.
Below is the Wholesale Discount Pricing Page.
Please note: you must be (Pre-approved) by us, and (Logged In) to view Wholesale pricing on the website.
Click The Image Below, to View Wholesale Products

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