Fresh Catnip
100% All-Natural Catnip & 100% Organic Catnip
(herbe-aux-chats) French

We believe E.A.T.s - Catnip is the best in the industry. 100% All-Natural & Organic, grown in the mountain
fresh air in crystal clear glacial waters...its the creme' of the crop. No other catnip even comes close, and we've searched the world.
Our catnip farm has been growing and researching catnip exclusively for over 45 years. They grow 'medical' grade USDA Organic Catnip.
We believe it's the best in the world..and its what we use in all of our products.

Catnip is a relative of the mint family and when you compare the two, you can see just how similar
they look (and smell). Both plants are edible, and have a history of being used for a wide range of ailments in
both humans and cats. Catnip has been claimed to help toothaches, diarrhea, colic, help prevent miscarriages,
premature birth, morning sickness, spasms, headache, and even to help you get to sleep (and more)!
Like many natural substances, they have a wide range of positive benefits.
And unlike many pharmaceuticals, that most often have only 1 'positive' effect and MANY negative, there are literally thousands
of such natural substances...and most have a wide range of BENEFITS, and rarely negatives!

Both mint tea and catnip tea have been used for centuries for health, as well as many natural herbal substances, since the dawn of time.
These cats know what is good for them and now you do too... :)
Oh, its also believed to help keep things like fleas away, and supposed to be more effective than most bug sprays,
although we wouldn't recommend this as your only method of flea control.

Catnip has various effects on a cat from “Nepetalactone”. This is the active ingredient which drives cats crazy.
Lactones occur in everything from black pepper, to orange juice and wine. Not all cats react to catnip;
estimates range anywhere from about 10% to 30% of cats do not react.
Kittens generally do not react until 4 – 6 months old. Whether or not a cat
reacts to catnip depends on his or her genetics. Most cats that react to catnip exhibit some or even all of the following effects:

a) Rubbing and rolling in the catnip
b) Flipping side to side or ‘head over heels’
c) Licking and eating the catnip
d) Kitty can get slightly ‘purrplexed’, ‘feisty’ and ‘vocal’, sometimes all at the same time!
e) They all have their own individual reactions; some kitties get very active, some like to take a
nap, but it generally appears that they are having fun!

Smelling the catnip is enough to cause a reaction although most cats also REALLY like eating it!
Catnip can improve a cat's digestion and appetite, as well as mood and energy levels.
It also naturally contains a wide range of beneficial vitamins minerals and fiber
(Pawbreakers Plus also contain an additional nutritional supplement).
For additional information on catnip, please click here.

100% All-Natural White Beeswax & 100% Organic Beeswax!
(cire d'abeille) French

Our beeswax is 100% all-natural, and purified by a non-chemical process to remove the pollen (which
makes it yellow as in the picture above, but our beeswax is actually 'white' purified beeswax (pic coming soon)).
Our beeswax is a pharmaceutical grade all-natural hypoallergenic beeswax, used for the finest of products.
Beeswax is an all-natural wax produced in the bee hive of the genus “Apis” honey bee. It has been
used by man for thousands of years since before the Egyptians; for everything from sculpture,
candles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food additives, glazing, sealants, and to preserve and manufacture foods.
Bees must consume 8-10 times the amount of honey by weight, to make the wax.
For in depth information on beeswax, please click here.

Diamond V Bakers Yeast

100% All-Natural Diamond V & 100% OMRI Certified Diamond V yeast culture!
(culture de levure dehydratee)French

Simply put, Diamond V® is an advanced bakers yeast the kind commonly used to bake bread!
It is extremely nutritious and includes a host of beneficial ingredients. It has been used to increase
the health of nearly every type of animal imaginable, from chickens to cows.
Bakers yeasts have been fed to animals (and humans) for more than 100 years due to its
incredible nutrient content and digestion enhancing properties. This is why we chose to
add this to our "Pawbreakers Plus" treat-toy. So good in fact, that a curious thing happened last
year with Diamond V®...
Several years ago Diamond V® management noticed that the employees working in the manufacturing
facilities rarely took time off for health-related events, a fact supported through health insurance analysis.
While exploring the reasons behind this, it became apparent that these employees, in essence, were
uniquely able to support a balanced, healthy immune system.
After several months of exploration
and research, Diamond V came to the realization that these employees were healthier because
they came in contact with the yeast fermentation products created during Diamond V’s unique
proprietary manufacturing process.”

Simply put, Diamond V® is an advanced health supplement added to our “Pawbreakers Plus”, and our VitaNIp products.
Diamond V® has been producing supplements specifically for animals (and now humans) since 1943. For more detailed
information on bakers yeast please click here.