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    -With Love to All of The Wonderful Cats Who Have Graced Our Lives-

    "Schwarts - The Shocking Black Cat"
    (1988- 2004)


    My first cat in college, well, lets say he was a strange boy, but a wonderful cat.

    He was very skilled at hiding toys...especially ones that would roll.. :) Schwartz used to LOVE to hide shiny objects...especially peoples keys! You didn't want to leave anything shiny out, or he would hide it under my bed, that was his favorite spot. Of course, he also tried to hide a pizza crusts there too, lol!
    He was also VERY deft at opening boxes, even interleaved ones! (4 flaps folded in).
    He was amazing at opening boxes, and he also knew how to push or pull a door to get it open (but many cats do).

    But, the strangest of all his habits, was chewing electrical wires! I hid or tucked in every wire possible. But, one time, I came back home to find him chewing on a 120v lamp cord!
    He was making a strange noise, and his head was smoking!!! SERIOUSLY!
    I could see what looked like steam coming off his head!!!
    At this point, I was sure Schwartz had met his maker, and that he had bit down too hard on a cord, and couldnt get himself off... (although I know this wasnt the first time he had electrocuted himself on purpose!). I unplugged the cord, and he stopped and walked up to me as if nothing had happened.
    He was PURPOSEFULLY chewing that cord to get electrocuted to the point his head was steaming??! was insane...120 Volts! Yet, he managed to never get electrocuted!
    Yeah, insane cat. Needless to say, he went to live with family friends on a (funny) farm, where there were no more cords readily accessible, lol! He lived a very long and fruitful life on the farm, till one day when he was very old he didnt come back home.....Loved you Schwartz! Miss you sleeping across my neck. (another of his cute habits).


    "Cleo - Blue Point Siamese"
    (1987 - 2003)


    Mother of 64+ children, Cleo was an incredibly tough and fast little blue point
    (she had a habit of chasing, catching and EATING bugs, YUK! LOL).
    She was also the most loving and wonderful kitty and she took incredible care for her children!
    We rescued her from a breeder that was being shut down due to health violations. She had spent most of her 3 yrs. at the time, in a 3x3 cage. We received her at barely over 3 lbs, malnourished and with worms! After a vet. visit, and much TLC, she was WONDERFUL in a cage...but when she got out and was free to roam the house, it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She was extremely frightened and not socialized. She would hide under furniture
    and hiss when you tried to get near her. If she was in a box, you could pet her and she would purr purr purr....
    Well, after a little struggling with her and some love and care and time, we spent the remaining 13 years
    with one incredibly cute and loving kitty...that was EXTREMELY well adjusted! She ended up loving people,
    and being very comfortable around everyone. She had many litters of incredibly CUTE kittens throughout the years...all of which got wonderful homes.
    Thank you Cleo, for being and incredibly loving and wonderful cat.

    "Crash - Seal Point Siamese"


    Well, I cant say enough about this cat. I have more stories than I can probably write about Crash..the time he got run over by a mountainbiker, and walked away fine...the time he caught his head on fire looking into a candle (he had respect for fire, but it took a while, lol!) he got his name, how incredible he was, how cute he was, how just amazing this cat was. EVERYONE who came over, knew Crash! He was a member of our family for 16 years!
    Ok, how he got his name...when he was but a kitten, he would chase a laser pen like CRAZY; to the point that I would get him going like crazy and then point the laser at the (vertical) blinds. He would then go CRASHING into the blinds, bounce off the window and start tearing around even faster! He would repeat this about 6-10 times while running TOP speed circles around my apartment until utterly exhausted..then he would just CRASH...and suddenly hit the carpet like a sack of lead!
    You could pick him up while still panting, and he would be limp like a rag was hilarious!
    Zero to 900 mph and back in a Crash! :-P
    Father of probably thousands of kids, lol, he was the most sociable cat I have ever seen! Many honestly believed he was a small dog the way he acted. He was a very strong cat (mentally and physically) and every neighborhood we moved to, he seemed to dominate (as you can see by his tattered ears). He would even drive out other animals...raccoons, dogs, opossums, lol!
    He LOVED bonfires! It was his favorite thing to go lap to lap to EVERYONE around the bonfire..all in rotation! HAHAH! He loved to sit in my lap by the bonfire, or next to me while I played Guitar.
    Crash was the most amazing cat I ever had the pleasure of knowing....unfortunately right now, all I can write are all the memories...but I will keep updating this as I can...I miss you buddy (headbutts)... Brett.

    "Mrs. Tailer - Turkish Van"


    'Catnip Quality Control (C.Q.C) Testing Position Filled!'

    Mrs. Tailer has graciously assumed the position at E.A.T.s - Edible Animal Treats, L.L.C. of,
    'Catnip Quality Control (C.Q.C) Testing Agent'
    After her nomination and election party, and oddly lucid for a Turkish Van, she recalls “I don't remember much from that night, I'd had a bit too much nip”, “but I remember swimming in the pool” as recent photos confirm.

    Swimming Cat

    Here we find Tailer later that night after way way too much nip, with eyes wide open and passed out upside down
    in a chair! How does one endure the torture it must be, to have to do this day after day, night after night.

    Tailer Curled In Her Chair

    It takes months of training, and only then can one become a C.Q.C enforcement agent have the endurance fortitude to survive on the rough and tough Beaches of Lake Erie, and abroad.
    Tailer was a royal kitty barely saved from the riggors of stray beach life, where she was forced to eat
    bugs at voluminous rates just to survive. She refused to let the situation break her determination. By gorging on mayflies, this tough little tyke still had the energy to take the long hike down to the beach for a drink of water and her daily bath (and of course a long nap); only to trudge back to resume the critical catnip testing and training. Only after days and weeks of vacuuming our porch from mayflies, and thoroughly testing bag after bag of catnip, was she convinced she was ready to reclaim her heritage; she finally believed she had earned her keep and could grace us with her daily presence.
    Little did she know she had stepped right into the lap of luxury.....a relative CatnipUtopia ®.
    She had only scratched the surface of Planet Catniption, as the 'great source' was being quietly mined from a top secret location, only 2.5 miles away, at E.A.T.s - Edible Animal Treats top secret catnip transportation, manufacturing, testing facility.

    Well, Tailer is doing well..thankfully. I think she was about as cooped up as we all were this winter; with all the snow, bitter temperatures and rain, etc. When our first week or two of warm weather came, Tailer disappeared into the woods for almost 2 weeks! We were worried something might have happened to her...but, thankfully she came home. Obviously her flea and tick medicine had worn off because she was covered in ticks, dirty, with nasty stuff tangled in her fur..what a mess! I literally had to cut some of the things stuck in her very long fur out..there was no way it was getting combed out. So, after bug removal, rats nests removal, sleep and a meal she got a serious bath. Well, she smells and looks much better now, and no more bugs, yuk, lol!
    She's happily sleeping away her mischief on her pillow by the window, under her jade tree... :)
    We all missed you Tailer, and were seriously crazy little kitty.

    We are sorry to report that Tailer has passed away. May she rest in piece. She brought so much joy to the shop. Were going to miss you...

    We Love and Miss You Tailer *hugs*

    Brett & Everyone at Edible Animal Treats

    Erics Cat - Bday?

    Morgana loves her Pawbreakers.. :)

    Eric's Morgana