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Pawbreakers® Bonkas™  - The Catnip Candy for Cats Pawbreakers Megabonkas Catnip Ball Catpurry Egg™ 50 grams
Catpurry Egg™
Price: $4.75
1.25" Diameter, 17 grams per ball. 2.25" Diameter, 95 grams per ball. 2.25" Tall, 55 grams per egg.
Vitanip® - Catnip With Vitamins made by DiamondV® Funnip™- 14 Grams Fine Ground Gourmet Fun Geera has fun with her ball!  Clawbreakers 14 lbs of gourmet catnip.
Price: $2.40
Price: $2.25
Clawbreakers™ - 14 Pounds
Price: $199.99 Each
14 grams Stalk Free, Fresh Ground Catnip with Vitamins 14 grams Stalk Free, Fresh Ground Catnip Handmade just for you!
14 lb. per ball!
9.5 inches in diameter.
Watch the big cats have a ball!  Clawbreakers 4 lbs of gourmet catnip. Julius™ Cat Scratcher
Clawbreakers™ - 4 Pounds
Price: $55.00 Each
Handmade just for you!
4 lb. per bal
6 inches in diameter.
Julius Cat Scratcher with Trippy Kitty Catnip!