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Geera has fun with her ball!  Clawbreakers 14 lbs of gourmet catnip. Watch the big cats have a ball!  Clawbreakers 4 lbs of gourmet catnip. Pawbreakers Bonkas The Catnip Candy for Cats
Clawbreakers™ - 14 Pounds
Price: $199.99 Each
Clawbreakers™ - 4 Pounds
Price: $55.00 Each
Handmade just for you!
14 lb. per ball!
9.5 inches in diameter.
Handmade just for you!
4 lb. per bal
6 inches in diameter.
1.25" Diameter, 17 grams per ball.
Pawbreakers Megabonkas Catnip Ball Catpurry Egg 50 grams Funnip™- 14 Grams Fine Ground Gourmet Fun
Catpurry Egg™
Price: $4.75
Price: $2.25
2.25" Diameter, 95 grams per ball. 2.25" Tall, 55 grams per egg. 14  grams Stalk Free, Fresh Ground Catnip
Pawbreakers® Plus + Vitamins Pawbreakers® Royal Plus + Vitamins Vitanip®
Price: $2.40
1.25" Diameter, 17 grams per ball with Vitamins. 2.25 in., 95 grams per ball with Vitamins. 14 grams Stalk Free, Fresh Ground Catnip with Vitamins
600 pound tote of catnip V-Vax Eucalyptus Oil White Beeswax By the Pound
Bulk discounts when you buy more!
V-VAX Eucalyptus Oil 1 lb. Food Grade Beeswax
Organic Yellow Beeswax By the Pound
1 lb. USDA Organic Beeswax