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Gallery Cats
Last Updated: 05/15/2014
Hello! Thank you for visiting our cat gallery!
We hope to add more customers to this page soon,
if you would like to upload a picture of your kitty, please go here!

Meet Our Cats

Customers Kitties that Love Pawbreakers!

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Pawbreaker?

Simple Contentment.

Sami Says "No Comment", as he shoves his face back into a Pawbreaker.

Halloween Treat
Tubbi says ‘Best Halloween Trick or Treat or Toy Ever, um...yeah!
Whatever?! MEEEEOW!!! Er, HISSSSS!!?’, ‘Jeesh, why can I never remember that line!’

If only a Chocolate Bar was this fun
Oscar Says ‘If only a Chocolate Bar was this fun!’

‘Quit goofing around Oscar! Yummmmmmmmm! WOW this is TASTY!?
Hey, are we supposed to eat chocolate?
Bah, who cares..I have a Pawbreaker - *lick* *lick* *LICK*’ (name witheld)

‘How unsophisti‘cat’ed!! Hold your composure felines! Purrrspective! Purrspective! Cmon now!
Things always go crazy when you bring a bit much nip in the picture. Cheers!, Sophisticat.

Bobcat, Lynx, Servall etc. w/ 3 lb. Clawbreaker!

How Cute!!! I'll Lick Mine I'll Eat Mine

I'll use mine as a pillow... ME TOO!!!

Tigers, Cougars, and Lions with 12 lb Clawbreaker
The Worlds Largest Catnip Toy and Treat!

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