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Last Updated: 01/06/2017

E.A.T.s - Edible Animal Treats, Inc.
Distributor Information & Product Pricing

Hello! Thank you for stopping by our distributor page!
Please take moment to surf our (26) pages...each page is an image of an informational or sell sheet
which contains our pricing and packaging options for our 4 main SKU's:
VitaNip, Pawbreakers Original, Pawbreakers Plus and, Clawbreakers.
Below is a quick description of each page (just click it to see the page).
However, you can also take the 'full tour' by clicking HERE and using the forward and back buttons to view all the pages below.
If you have ANY questions, or need any help, please feel free to email us,
or call 1-877-CAT-TOY-1 (228-8691).

Thank you for viewing our sell sheets online,
we are striving to be as green (and paper free) as possible.

Thank you!
E.A.T.s - Edible Animal Treats

Company Information, Awards:
1) E.A.T.s - Company Information Sheet
2) E.A.T.s - Kudos and Press (TV, News and Magazine clips)
3) Awards 1 - Cat Fancy Editors Choice
4) Awards 2 - Pet Business Editors Choice
5) Awards 3 - Feline Wellness Approved
6) Awards 4 - Tails Pet Magazine Staff Top Pick

Product Ingredients:
7) Ingredients - All natural organic catnip, beeswax and Diamond V nutritional supplement.

Product Case Options with Pricing:

8) SKU_181130000211 - Pawbreakers Original Display Bin (Case)

9) SKU_181130000198 - Pawbreakers Plus Display Bin (Case)
10) SKU_181130000198 - Pawbreakers Original Inner Pack (Case)
11) SKU_181130000556 - Pawbreakers Plus Inner Pack (Case)

12) SKU_812808014727 - Pawbreakers Original Clip Strip (Case)

13) SKU_812808014710 - Pawbreakers Plus Clip Strips (Case)

Unique Promotional Items

14) SKU_181130000754 - Clawbreakers (3 lb) Individual
15) SKU_181130000761 - Clawbreakers (11 lb) Individual

New Product:

16) SKU_812808014369 - VitaNip Inner Pack (Case)
17) SKU_812808014376 - VitaNip Display Bin (Case)
18) SKU_812808014444 - VitaNip Clip Strip (Case)

19) Testimonials Page 1
20) Testimonials Page 2
21) Testimonials Page 3
22) Testimonials Page 4
23) Testimonials Page 5
24) Testimonials Page 6
25) Testimonials Page 7
26) Testimonials Page 8

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