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Last Updated: 11/03/2022
Catpurry Egg™

Catnip Shaped like an Egg! Less rolling and chasing and more wobbles, wiggles ang giggles, eggcellent! Send your kitty on an Easter Hunt!
® Catpurry Egg are 100% Natural, 100% Edible, 100% Made in the U.S.A from North American ingredients ONLY, and they're veterinary approved (and more)! Catpurry Egg uniquely squeeze and lock an enormous 1.75 ounces of FRESH aromatic catnip into a delicious 1.25 in. x 2.25 inch egg. Every time your kitty chews or scratches on their Catpurry Egg, they release the fresh grown aroma sealed deep in every delicious bite; almost as fresh as the day it was made. While Catpurry Eggs may seem hard they are in fact soft and easily chewable (unlike most other 'copycats' in the market) and they are easily digestible and safe on your kitty’s teeth. Catpurry Eggs were specifically designed and tested (size, shape and weight) for a fun but random chase! They will last even the most crazed catnip lover for weeks of exciting and healthy play. Get your cat the ORIGINAL multi-award winning catnip toy and treat Pawbreakers® - The Catnip Candy for Cats. Catpurry Eggs are the purrrfect combination for relaxed play and a healthy, happy cat. Please indulge your cats every 2-4 weeks for maximum benefit and enjoyment! We highly recommend one Pawbreakers® Catpurry Egg per cat. For a more sporty experience and active kitty, choose Pawbreakers® Bonkas, designed for kitties that love the chase!

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