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Last Updated: 03/13/2010

While we were clearly able to see that our own cats were crazy about Pawbreakers, we love to hear from people and their pets! It is proof that we have indeed created something special!

Cat Connection, TX: "We have just faxed in our first order for the Pawbreakers. We received such positive feedback from our samples that we look forward to offering them to all of our customers. We would appreciate being added to your retailers listing. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to doing business with you." 

Richfield Animal Medical Center, OH: "Received the package and already my own cats have gone crazy on the Pawbreakers! Have to rush to the vet practice so they don't try and make off with the whole shipment." 

Feline industry expert Franny Syufy of has recently ranked Pawbreakers #2 out of the Top 10 Catnip Products and #2 out of the Top 10 Cat Treats ever produced! Franny says  - Pawbreakers are such a simple and logical concept for combining a catnip treat with play that one wonders why it wasn’t discovered long ago! - in addition, - Cats simply cannot resist playing with Pawbreakers, then eating them. - Read the rest of her review here."

Cat Connection, TX: "Last month we introduced a hot new treat that will drive your kitty wild! And sure enough it did! We sold out the day after our newsletter was released and we were shocked at how much positive feedback we received from our customers. We have ordered a truckload!!"

Smoky Mountain Cat House, TN: "Our six cats loved the box, wrapping paper, the zip-lock bag, and, of course, the "catnip candy ball". It disappeared after ten minutes of kitty soccer. Will call soon with order."

Rowf, NY: "It's the weekend, so I'm glad you got back to me this soon! Our customers are very satisfied with Pawbreakers. Our store has only been open for about 2 weeks and we're running low on Pawbreakers already!!"

Chris B, Canada: "The Pawbreakers I ordered arrived today.  As soon as I brought the box into the house, my cat came out and started sniffing the air.  I put it on the ground and she was all over it.  When I finally pried the box from her, I gave her an unwrapped treat, and she just loves it.  She has been playing with it and licking it off and on for about 6 hours now. It's great to see my 11 year old cat having so much fun. Thanks for a great product and fast delivery."

E. Hite, US: "I walked in the door with the little box in a tote bag, and Callie was all over it. I sat the bag down, she was climbing inside. Now these things were still in the box and of course, the individual bags. When I opened the box, she grabbed one from the box. I continued to open 2 of them and distribute them. My Siamese was quiet and happy, just curled up with his catnip ball between his paws, licking away. Callie went nuts! She rolled all over the floor with her catnip ball STILL in the bag for about an hour. Then she was tired, so lay down in the floor, with the bag under her head. She was hysterical. Only after she woke up, did she pay any attention to the opened one! Duh! I'm going to take a couple down to the vet hospital I'm using while I'm here, for them to try. I will totally recommend them to anyone I meet. They are great! Just ask Callie!"

A. Cichowski, MS: "I ordered a box of Pawbreakers a while back and they absolutely loved them!  So much in fact that I had to hide the unopened ones on a shelf in a locked closet.  One day I forgot to lock that closet and came home to find the box on the floor with a dozen or more ripped open.  The limited remains were scattered around the house and the cats were blissfully sleeping away their mischief.   My kids give Pawbreakers a 4 paws up rating!"

S. Wall, US: "I saw your ad in Cat Fancy Magazine and thought I would try this for my cats. All 5 of them went crazy. Thanks for a great product."

H. Rutherford, US: "Molly freaked when I gave her the Pawbreaker. I gave a Pawbreaker to my friend who has several cats and a mass fight ensued - needless to say the pawbreaker was demolished in record time!"

D. Moss, CA: "A few weeks ago I was online and went to Pawbreakers to check on how many we should buy when I saw my cat on your photo contest! I was so excited!...more so for the fact that she was on the Internet than anything. She LOVES your Pawbreakers...licks them until they are soaking wet. It truly is candy to this cat."

A. Helou, MI: "When I got home I hadn't even gotten as far as taking my shoes off before one of my cats had his head stuck down in my bookbag. I shooed him away, opened the package and tossed it on the floor. Both cats went after the Pawbreaker and spent several minutes batting it around. I'm sure they'd have been at it for much longer, however we soon realized that the sound of the ball rolling around on our wood floors would prevent our houseguests from getting any sleep. My husband consficated the Pawbreaker and gave it to me to hide. I put in on the desk in my home office and closed the door. Seconds later I saw the cat open the door begin prowling the floor. Obviously, Pawbreakers require special measures. I sealed ours into a plastic bag and then put it in my filing cabinet. As the cabinet
is only two drawers in height, I wasn't sure this would be enough, but fortunately the cats have not yet figured out how to release the catch."

D. Moss, CA: "I received my order today. My cat at my boyfriend's apartment, Kitty, loved her pawbreaker. I saved two others here for her. I took the rest to my mom's house for Spicy, Bo, and little Bosco. Spicy isn't interested in much, so she did not care about them, however, Bo who is 7 just held on to it and licked it forever. I came back, still licking. It was soaking wet. She has had them before so no surprise there. Bosco is only 8 months. Today he experienced his very first pawbreaker. I stuck it in a box, and he went nuts."

L. Scott, FL: "Sassy was in the box before I could get it open!"

T. Rehahn, MI: "My cat went nuts! The cat that until now only had a love affair with plastic grocery bags, now is cheating on the bags with this ball. LOL! The other cat tries to get in to check it out, she won't let him. She pushes it and rubs the floor where it rolled, it's hilarious! I've never seen her go nuts like that before and we've had her for about 6 years. I'll also be taking one to my Mom's for her cat too. Great product!"

Regan, US: "Really glad I found Pawbreakers. Sug's a c. 12 year old 18.2 lb. rescue that I've been honored with for the past two years... and she's a DIVA. She's very particular about what she plays with (and how fresh her catnip is), but I opened up the Pawbreakers pack, and she was instantly rolling around on the floor with it."

D. Andreoli, MA: "I just received my order of Pawbreakers. My 2 guys are having the time of their lives, they tore at the box to get at the contents – when they finally got the reward it was amazing – I’ve never seen them react to anything like they did for Pawbreakers!!! I’ll be keeping them well stocked. Thank you!"

G. Hamilton, US: "I just want to say a big thank you for coming out with paw breakers, my cats love them. So just a big thank your with lots of purrs and head butts from the crew."

V. Thomas, PA: "Bought the 8 pack before....My cats love 'em....and I have 13. Now they won't have to share. Thanks for a great product....Vicki"

C. Bruekner, OR: "Pawbreakers arrived today. Maggie Mae loves it!!!"

T. Wolfgram, WI: "Thank you so much for getting your product mailed out so quickly ! I had it mailed to my mother as a gift who has 2 cats, Emme & Daisy. "The Girls" just loved them ! My mom didn't even open up the envelope yet & The Girls were all over it. Once she did open it, she put 2 of the Pawbreakers out on the floor. They kept hitting them around then they would fall over & lay on top of the Pawbreaker like they were protecting it. Weird. Anyways, just wanted to let you know what a great product this is as I've never seen anything like it before ! Keep up the good work !! : )"

J. Vess, NC: "What fun! We have six cats: 2 Am. Shorthair (rescues) and 4 Cornish Rex
(two of which are also rescues), so we're always looking for fun, stimulating toys for them. These clever Pawbreakers fit the bill."

G. Carmichael, TX: "My five furfolk went absolutely wild over their Pawbreakers from "Santa" -- would you mind if I suggested that our wonderful veterinarian contact you to perhaps carry "Pawbreakers" in the pet shop? I think Pawbreakers are an excellent product for all felines... my five are extremely spoiled, but even they reacted exuberantly to this Very Special Treat."

L. Sahadeo, NJ: "Hack's been attacking the package all day long! He kind of reminds me of that junkie from Dave Chappelle's show..."

K. Bechard, NY: "Pawbreakers are wonderful!! Well I know that's what my two cats are thinking. They look forward to tossing Pawbreakers around again and again. I purchased them just to see what they would do...they went crazy, til no end! I look forward to ordering a lot more pawbreakers for my cats as well as my friend's cats!"

R. Colosky, MI: "My wife's cat loved it! It was freakin'! First time I've seen that cat do anything really..."

M. Harnick, PA: "Thank you for a great product! My cats love them. "

D. Sharples, MA: "I ordered some just a couple of weeks ago and had them shipped to my Moms for Christmas...I was at Moms over the weekend and her cat and mine were squabbling, so I broke out the Pawbreakers and gave them each one. All was forgiven as both cats went nuts...will need some more as I plan on shipping a couple off to friends with their Christmas presents...and I sure dont want to run out here at home! "

D. Lindsay, MI: "My kids have been in heaven....I have given out some of your business cards and am "turning on" my friends. Thank you so much! I am sure you will be hearing from me soon with another order."

D. Kodros, IL: "I've just ordered an 8-pack of the Pawbreakers. Why? Well...I first saw one at the cat adoption center where I volunteer -- we don't know how, but there was a Pawbreaker at the bottom of one of our toy baskets, and we had a cat that kept digging and digging and digging in the basket -- for what, we didn't know. Well, he then found the Pawbreaker and had a ball (all puns intended)! I was very impressed and have searched and now found you. :-)"

L. Bundy, Canberra Australia: "Pawbreakers are fantastic! My Burmese did the grab the envelope thing and took off with it. Unfortunately it disappeared that night never to be seen again so I can only guess they loved it and it was eaten up!"

A. Watkins, CA: "We ordered from you before. All our kitties and their friends just LOVE your product!"

J. Westcott, OR: "I just received the second order & the boys say "Woo hoo!!!" I'm giving one of them to a friend who is a photographer and hopefully she'll get a picture worthy of your web site. Again...woo hoo & thanks!"

T. Watkins, CA: "I received the order quickly - thank you. My kitties are loving your product! I took a Pawbreaker to our vet to share with the resident cat, Ceasar. He's 13, and usually lays about letting people dote over him. He turned into a playful kitten when the Pawbreaker was given to him! I also gave one to our neighbor - he has a sweet kitty named Tom. Carl, the neighbor, called to say that Tom was having a great time playing with the treat - Carl had never given catnip to his cat and I think they both enjoyed it. So, your Pawbreakers are a tremendous success - I hope my sharing them brings you lots of business because I'm so excited about the product!"

S. Humphrey, MI: "By the way my two cats went crazy for the catnip ball! It was so funny, I thought my girls were never going to stop laughing, but the cats just loved it. I have to get some more!"

J. Zimmerman, MI: "I finally managed a halfway decent picture of Loki with a Pawbreaker! Mage plays with it more, but so energetically that I can't get a shot with a manual camera. Thanks for the fun!"

J. Donn, CA: "Mine came today (free shipping, woo hoo!). I put the mail on the cabinet to put my purse down. Before I could get back to open the mail, the envelope was on the floor with all 4 of the Troops nudging it. I could barely get the envelope open and release a Pawbreaker. What a hit! All four have had a chance to play with it - I don't think they realize yet that it is edible, although it is starting to get a bit wet with Meezer spit. What a wonderful idea! Hope it continues to grow & sell."

C. Lesnick, MN: "I gave one to Tolly first, and he chased it all over the bedroom before batting it under the dresser (then asking me to get it back for him ). Then Griffin elbowed him out of the way and began to chew it while Tolly zoned out in his 'nip haze....... definitely a hit."

T. Coll, MD: "I just had to write again! My damn cats have me crawling under furniture all night. If I don't, all hell breaks loose. My one cat loves them. all she does is play with them. I am very happy that the Pawbreakers aren't as loud as golf balls. I usually have to take her golf balls away at night, cause other wise she carries them up the steps, then drops it down the steps. all 13 of them. hardwood. over and over. and over. and over. Pawbreakers are a **big** improvement."

H. McKnight, FL: "Pawbreakers rock dude!"

C. Franz, MI: "Chewie could smell the toy as I brought the mail in. Meow meow meow! (sniff sniff sniff). Eyes black: MEOW!"

T. Whitney, NJ: "I had them on the counter at first and had to put them away.... my cats were up on the counter trying to get them!"

S. Scott, NY: “I just wanted to tell you how much my kitties just LOVE Pawbreakers! When the package came in the mail, my cat Bob knew what it was immediately! I wasn't home, but received a call from my boyfriend saying, "I don't know what you ordered, but there is a package here for you that Bob won't let go of!" He's almost 8 years old, but when he was finally given one of the Pawbreakers he went crazy! Batting it all over the apartment, chasing it around, rolling all over it, rubbing his face against it. It's so funny to watch! And he's SO happy! I haven't seen him run and play like this. Ever! Thank you so much for such great entertainment!"

T. Coll, MD: “Got the Pawbreakers on Saturday! They were an instant hit with the 3 indoor resident cats. I think they have one left that hasn't hidden under furniture somewhere, so I will have to dig around tonight - these things are awesome!"

D. Markavich, MI: “My kitty, Boo have to understand this. He is 'too good' for toys. I've given him tons of toys and he always turns his nose up and walks away. I put the Pawbreaker in my purse and basically forgot about it. My husband and I got home and settled on the couch to watch a movie. Imagine my complete shock when I saw my 'too good for toys' rather sedate cat jump up on the counter, root around in my purse, GRAB the Pawbreaker bag, and FLY across the room with it!! He then proceeded to go NUTS over the thing. I have never, EVER, seen my cat play with a toy. When can I get more??"

A. Klause, MD: “Well, mine arrived and the kitties just about tore open the package. I hid three in the fridge and put one down. Lily was more interested in rolling and drooling on the envelope it came in first. Esme sat on the ball and growled at anyone who came close. She finally got up and let Serafina have a go batting it around the floor. Then Serafina turned the ball over to Lily. Next I found it down in the basement and Chloe took over. Now it is missing entirely!!"

M. Webb, FL: “Yay for Pawbreakers! He LOVES these things! 5 stars from Sebastian!!! I'll be ordering more very soon!"

D. Allen, MI: “Kitty Bo Bitty liked the ball and searched for it in my coat because she must have smelled it, even before I took it out of the package. She didn't get much chance to play with it, however, because Polly, the dog, would grab it as soon as it fell on the floor! She absolutely loved it and devoured it. She would run away when you tried to take it from her.  The second feline, Sir Maximilian Westfall I, really liked it and played with it all day. He is the snooty one I wasn't sure would like it. He chewed it up pretty well and rolls all over it, so I know he approves! All in all a success I'd say!"

K. Boone, FL: "Mack loves these! He's running around the house like a kitten again! They are great!"

K. Ehlers, Washington D.C.: "The big fat blue cat LOVES his first Pawbreakers! He's doing wiggles all over the floor."

T. Whitney, NJ: "I love your product. My cats go crazy for them. I have to hide it in the closet otherwise they find them and play with them. Im going to order another 4 soon since I'm down to one ball left...there is another one floating around here somewhere but I don't know where! I'm glad that your business is going well...and keep up the great work!"

M. Amato, IL: "I just ordered another set for my kitties and sent a trial pack to both my sister in NY and my Aunt in TN. They both have cats and I thought they might like to try them too. I also told my groomer about them because I thought they would be a good addition to her store!!"

P. Daly, NY: “WOW!!! My wife brought in the mail and placed it on the kitchen counter. She turned her back to use the phone and while on the phone she heard ‘thunk thunk’; turned around and both my Maine Coons were on the counter trying to get into the mailing package. Now my cats weigh 19 and 24 lbs and NEVER jump up on a table or counter. They play with it until we take it away and put it in a ziplock. Then they bat at the drawer we put it into!"

K. Bates, MN: "My cat is typically not interested in toys - more interested in cat nip toys yes, but really not into toys much. I was very pleased at the level of real playing he did...It was great fun to see the 'kitten' in him re-emerge."

K. Keith, TX: "This is a great idea...shoulda been invented ages ago."

C. Stephens, TX: "My first impression was that this cat toy is probably the best idea I've seen. My cats jumped up on top of the fridge, to bring it down to play during the night!"

A. Darrah, MO: "I thought it was an interesting idea because most other catnip based toys prevent the cat from getting at the cat nip. This toy lets them have it. I unfortunately could not see my cats first impression because he attacked the package while it was sitting on the dinning room table. I can get this toy out while he is sleeping and he will actually wake up and start looking around."

L. Blackshaw, British Columbia: "Holy fun entertainment!! We nearly laughed our butts off watching the four cats go nuts over this thing!"

C. Drummonds, MI: "He's running around the room like a nutcase and he won't let me NEAR the darn thing!”

A. Florsheim, DVM, TX: “I'm a veterinarian with the goal of becoming board certified in feline behavior. I think this product has a great deal of potential as environmental enrichment for cats, but I noticed something else as well. One of my cats is currently undergoing chemo and radiation therapy for a vaccination sarcoma (cancer). His appetite has been diminished lately, but after each play session with the Pawbreaker, he goes over and munches on cat food for a while. I noticed a definite difference in his attitude and appetite”

K, Stecco
: “To Whom It May Concern:  Until I went to your website, I had no idea that you made pawbreakers for the big cats as well.  I really enjoyed watching the video clips of cats of all sizes enjoying this product. 

My cat and I have been a fan of pawbreakers for approximately 3 years now.  My cat really had a lot of fun playing with them.  The first time I ordered them was from a pet catalogue.  Then I saw them at Petco.  Recently, I decided to search on the web and found your website.

            In Oklahoma, we have an animal sanctuary called GW Exotic Animal Park that rescues big cats (they currently have 187 of them) and other exotic animals from bad situations.  So, my question is: if you are going to do a donation of the clawbreakers this year, could some be donated to this place?   It would be wonderful.   I applaud you for already making donations to the places you have listed. 

 Thank you for your product and your time spent reading this letter."

Pawbreakers dont require any special preparation to provide hours of fun and excitement for your cat....but with a little creativity, you can discover countless new experiences for you pet to enjoy!

Tub Time

Your cat may not be incredibly fond of her time in the tub, but a dry bathtub and a Pawbreaker can be the recipe for a whole lot of fun! The curved edges of many bathtubs can provide non-stop movement and fun as your cat leaps and pounces to catch this tantalizing treat!
Fishin for Fun

Use Pawbreakers to engage your cat in active play! Simply drill a hole in your Pawbreaker, and thread it on a string. Then toss it out to your pet. Pull the string in slowly and watch your cat go bonkers as she scampers and pounces on the tasty treat! This is a great way to revitalize old fishing pole type toys that have worn out or lost their appeal!

Aroma Therapy

Invigorate an old toy or scratching post by rubbing it with the Pawbreaker!

Lose your Marbles!

Thats what will happen to you and your cat, if you put down a bunch of Pawbreakers at once! (And if you dont really want him to lose his marbles put them all in a big box and let the fun begin!)

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