Refund, Return or Exchange Policy

     Thank you for shopping at!   We guarantee every product
manufactured by EATS to be free from reasonable defects in either materials or workmanship.  
If you have a defective item, please email:

     All other items are warranted by their respective manufacturers.  If you need
help contacting them, we will be more than happy to help.

     Please keep in mind a couple of things regarding our products:

1)     Our products are all natural and things such as color and texture can vary.
2)     We use the BEST ingredients and materials we can find, and we are very picky about our sources. 
     But, these sources do occasionally change, so you may see differences over time. 
     For instance, catnip grown at one location, may be substantially more vibrant green than
     from another location, and even from harvest to harvest! 
     But rest assured it is what we believe to be the best crop available in the USA market!
     We are the connoisseurs of catnip!  It must pass EVERY test here to be the best, and only the best in
     the USA makes it into our catnip toys.  The same goes for all of our products.

3)    We do not add any artificial or unnecessary ingredients!  No coloring, no soy, no gluten, no wheat, nothing you (or your kitty) wouldn't want.

4)    We take the utmost care to make sure our sources are free from anything unwanted.
                                           ( NO CHINA INGREDIENTS! )

So, with this is mind, if you have received a damaged or defective item, we will replace it free of charge
(we may request it to have it shipped back, but often a simple photo of the damage will suffice.) 
Please note however, that we do not refund or exchange any food or treat items!

We only offer replacement on treat/food items.